The Law on Stalking – What You Need to Know

What is the Law on Stalking? There are a variety of people and groups that claim to be able to legally prosecute stalkers and their victims. However, this is not legal advice. Instead, it is a short explanation of what the law is and how it can help you if you feel your safety is being violated by someone.

It seems like most of the stalkers who are charged with crimes are those who target strangers. People like you and me. However, this isn't true. People like those in the military are also accused of stalking. Some of these cases are even brought by women against men.

The Law on Stalking, or the stalking statute, is a part of California criminal law. There are several different laws that you must know about. For starters, the stalk is the act of following another person at least three days without prior notice. This is often done to intimidate, harass, threaten, or intimidate another person. Also, if the stalker is targeting you, he or she will repeatedly call you at some point, sometimes daily. Also, they may follow you and hang around outside your home, like in front of your car. They may make threats and use other tactics to intimidate you.

If you are the victim of stalking, the first thing you need to do is file a claim for stalking. To do so, you should first contact your local police department or the sheriff's department. After you have done that, you should call your local law enforcement agency. These agencies are called law enforcement agencies. These agencies are usually staffed by detectives and other law enforcement personnel. Many of these agencies have the ability to investigate any claims that you may have. If you find that the person is guilty, they will usually be sent to jail, and then they will have to register as sex offenders.

Another thing to know about this law is that the first time you are arrested for staking someone out, you will likely be taken in for arraignment. This means that you are formally charged with a crime. If convicted of a crime, you could end up with jail time.

If you are harassed, intimidated, threatened, or stalked by someone, you should contact a law enforcement agency right away. It will only take a minute, and you can put yourself in the clear path of getting justice. It's best to call the police right away because you never know when your abuser will try and get away with it.