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5 Signs You Have a Stalker

Posted by on Jun 20, 2015 in Family Law |

Stalking is a real problem that is faced by many people, not just celebrities. The fact that we are more connected than ever with social media makes it easy for a would-be stalker to watch their prey. In this regard here are five things to look out for. If you’ve noticed any of these, you might have a stalker.


1. The person “coincidentally” appears everywhere – this means that the suspicious individual seems to be everywhere you go. Whenever you go grocery shopping, take a walk with the dog or drive to work, the perpetrator suddenly bumps into you. This is the first sign to look out for because it means that you are being watched and followed.

2. The person is very persuasive – this is not courting or anywhere near that. This means that the perpetrator does not take “no” for an answer. You may have politely declined to a dinner invitation before or ended a random conversation with them when they popped up somewhere – but those instances won’t stop them from trying again. This is where they watch your social networking page for any updates about your life and take notes on the things you like or places you often go  with friends.

3. The person sends unwanted gifts – one irresistible sign from the is when the perpetrator leaves gifts by your door. They try to win your heart by lavishing you with expensive items because they will not accept the fact that you are uninterested with them. If you accept the gifts, thinking that this will put a halt to what is currently happening – then you are wrong. This will only make the stalker feel like they have a chance with you.

4. The person becomes physical and threatens you – this is the most alarming sign of all. This puts your safety at stake. This is when the stalker decides to get their way by brute force. They have run out of resources to please and try to get you, which made them decide to resolve matters through coercion.

5. The person threatens to commit suicide – one trait of a stalker is overly possessive of their current obsession. This leaves them extremely dangerous. In an attempt to make you stay or be with them, they will threaten to initiate self-harm. You, in return, will give in and the vicious cycle repeats itself.

The above-mentioned warning signs may be of big help not only to the younger generations but the future ones as well. Every person being told of these indicators may have already paid this information forward to others.

Just always remember that others may have had a similar situation but survived. This is why these signs are meant for the society to be known. This helps ensure the safety of every person in a certain country. It is helpful always to keep in mind that a stranger is still a stranger and that no matter how good-looking or friendly they seem to be is not an assurance that they will not do a wrongful act.

Stalkers have amplified nowadays with the use of modern technology. It is therefore, even more important, to be careful with accepting friend requests from people you do not personally know, posting public pictures on your account page or setting meet-ups with a stranger. People should put to mind that the first line of defense is to prevent putting oneself in danger. On the other hand, if a stalker was able to get a hold of you without the use of any social sites or gadgets –then it is time to let the law address this problem.

Remember always to be careful and to keep your personal lives private and far from the view of the public’s eye. This will help lessen the chances of meeting a stalker and will keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way.