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5 Ways for You to Get Legal Advice for Free

Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 in Family Law |

Legal issues and court proceedings are very stressful. If you want to win a case, you need to find a legal representation that you are entitled to. But it doesn’t come without a price. More so, the price isn’t cheap, which makes many people reluctant to seek legal advice.

You don’t have to worry about expensive legal assistance now. There is already a wide array of legal services that come without charge. There are also services that, though they cost money, are discounted so that you can have access to effective legal representation and advice you require.

There are many ways for you to get a free legal assistance. You only need to be diligent in finding it. Most law firms offer ridiculous prices for certain services, but if you are smart, you can get those services in discounted prices, or even for free. Find and have access to free legal assistance. You can search the internet or find local law firms and check their services.

Legal Advice

The following are five ways to get free legal advice that you can consider whenever you need assistance from lawyers without the need to put out some cash:

  1. You can schedule a free consultation session with a local lawyer. There are law firms offering 10 – 60 minutes of free legal consultation. Even if a law firm doesn’t offer “free” services, if you inquire with them, they will still give you more or less 10 minutes of their time to talk free of charge. This is because they see you as a potential client, and they will show off their skills to talk you into hiring them.
  2. Seek law offices funded by the government. Most governments have agencies where fresh and inexperienced lawyers are hired to “gain experience”. Since they are government operated, many of their legal services are free or of discounted price. In the United States, these government-funded offices are called “legal aides”, and you can find them using your area’s phone directory.
  3.  Avail of free legal assistance offered by local law firms and local courts. Many doctors offer free medical aid. Lawyers can do the same, too. Local courts provide legal clinics for free and legal services for people involved in certain lawsuits, especially when they are related to family law. Your local court may have its website for you to check on schedules. Local law firms have advertisements on free services as well.
  4. Call a legal aid or a public attorney’s hotline. Local legal hotlines offer advice for people in certain legal situations. They are especially available to people who are victims of domestic violence. In many cases, their advice is free of charge; in some cases, they may have charges but only at minimal costs.

Your area may have more than one legal firm offering legal hotlines. Do a search and find the firm that can help you the most in your situation.

If you live in the United States, it is important that you call a legal hotline within your state. Different states have different laws and you may end up having the wrong advice if you talk with a lawyer of another state.

  1. Check your local law schools if they have free legal services clinics. A lot of law schools offer free legal clinics. This is for their law students to have relevant experience on legal cases. These clinics usually take on criminal issues and civil laws. Some law schools offer legal clinics focusing on only one legal issue such as a clinic on domestic violence or one on child abuse.

The legal help provided in clinics organized by law schools are given by law students. But they are guided by experienced law experts. Even if the law students themselves are not licensed yet, a guarantee from their instructor will assure you of an accurate advice on your case.

Usually, law school clinics are focused on helping people with low income. However, some special law clinics will take challenging cases regardless of the person’s financial status. This is to give law students experience in handling difficult cases.

These five ways to get free legal advice prove that everyone has the right to justice. Nothing is free anymore, as many people say, but this statement was proven false by those who are willing to help without taking anything in return. Legal issues are not uncommon in any country. Many people are not able to answer to lawsuits because they cannot afford legal advice. With the help of concerned law experts and students, people now have a chance to answer and defend their side.